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We Build Wealth With Our Client Partners 
& Share All Profits


Use the Hidden Hand of Tactical Branded Media & Exclusive Business Networks to Grow Faster!

Private Placement Funding

You will have direct access to industry experts to give real world feedback on your project.

Get Noticed By The Right Boss

Connectedness from top level industry leaders in Medicine, Healthcare, 
Banking & Finance

Grow Faster

Overnight success usually takes ten years we aim to achieve it in
 less than five

Things We Like In Our Portfolio

For over a decade we've helped pre revenue founders and early stage
startups succeed at an accelerated pace.  

That means we can help deserving startups side-step hundreds of blind spots and
mistakes that can wreak havoc and kill a business before it gains momentum.

We focus on investing in the following sectors:

Our investments are made at the seed level and earlier.

We enable this with small teams that include veteran entrepreneurs, designers, software engineers and product founders.

We examine opportunities when they are lean teams of just two or five people, and we help them get from there to a profitable enterprise and liquidity event.

If you have a workable idea which is beyond our expressed portfolio, we invite you to pitch us.  

We've often discovered next big things in unexpected places as product scouts for concentrated distribution channels covering
land, air and sea.  

In fact omnichannel product procurement & distribution with a focus on Broadcast Television & Mass Retail Distribution is how
we started as a company. 

We achieve our gains strictly through our global network of high performance business people & early stage accredited investors. 

For instance, Brian Armstrong was connected to one of our private network forum economy members while at Airbnb.  

Yet he needed funding for a project which had nothing to do with hospitality.  

Enter Coinbase. It has become one of the preferred platforms used to hold, invest, and trade Bitcoin & Ethereum globally. 

Intelligent people agree that your network is your net worth, we believe this is true.

We Invite You To Share And Grown With Us

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